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Keep Ponds Running with Aquascape Shop Now and Save at Webb's Onlin Aquarium Aquascaping Essentials. Whether you are setting up your first aquascape or you are an experienced hand, we have a wide range of aquarium aquascaping supplies and equipment for your fish tank. Our range of aquascape equipment includes everything from tools, substrate, aquarium rock and wood, artificial corals and our huge selection of. We're confident you'll be impressed with the quality of our plants so much that we guarantee your plants to arrive fresh and healthy, or your money back. What you see in our pictures is what you can expect to receive. We also have a physical shop and showroom dedicated to the art of Aquascaping, based near Huntingdon, UK. Open 7 days a week Fertilisers, CO2 and Liquid Carbon, liquid and tablet iron and a whole range of trace elements. We also have trimming and planting tools as well as high powered and enhanced lighting to keep the plants growing and your underwater aquascape looking it's very best. Item Link List Item 4. 01892 824 000. Call For Latest Availability and Prices

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Our London store is now open and has all the aquarium supplies you need for any aquarium, be it freshwater community, planted aquascape, or marine reef system. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable team are ready to help. Whatever your requirements we can help. Everything for the beginner to the expert aquarists Tropical Aquarium / Fish Tank Plants are for Sale at Aqua Essentials. We also sell substrates, CO2 systems, fertilizers and LED lights. All are available at great prices with fast UK delivery

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Warehouse Aquatics | Aquatic & Pond Supplies. UK's Price Promise. Spend £49 and get FREE Mainland Delivery. Exclusions apply. Earn Bubble Points, Save Money - Click Here Riverwood Aquatics -Aquarium and aquascaping store. Online and at The Barn At Assington, The Street, Assington, Suffolk, CO10 5L Complete Aquatics is an online superstore, specialising in marine aquariums, tropical aquariums and fish tanks, as well as a wide range of aquarium supplies, ranging from lighting, pumps and filters. Some of our most popular aquarium products include the Fluval Roma 240, Juwel Rio 125, Juwel Rio 240, Juwel Vision 260, Red Sea Reefer 250, Red. Aquascaping Supplies, Tools & Equipment Buyers Guide. by AquaScaping Pros Feb 15, 2017. Most people who have an aquarium put a lot of effort into aquascaping. Without aquascaping, the aquarium is just a fish tank with a sandy bottom, plenty of water and fish Our Purpose. We're a part entertainment, educational, and product company wholly focused on the growth of the global Aquascaping community. Before we started Aquascape Supply Co., we were hobbyists that saw a need to create resources to help the community. To see a fish swim, or a plant wave in the water. That truly is something special

An individual supply for multiple aquariums can be realized on one bottle using a system of multiple needle valves. Last but not least, there is the CO 2 glassware made popular in aquascaping. Drop checkers, bubble counters and diffusers made of glass are just mentioned as examples for items available in our shop Aquarium Plants and Planted Aquarium Supplies UK. Buy live aquatic plants online, algae free & shrimp safe guaranteed, high European quality, suitable for tropical and cold-water fish tanks

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  1. Transform your garden into a breathtaking retreat from the world with an Aquascape pond, waterfall, fountain, or other decorative water feature. Imagine stepping outside your home into your very own oasis. Sit back and listen to the soothing sounds of running water as you enjoy the enchanting sight
  2. Buy Aquarium Rocks from Aqua Essentials. We have the most extensive range on the web and with our selection we will be able to fulfil your needs with the most sought after rocks on the market
  3. Aquascape® Aquabasin. from 349.98. AquaBasin. The Aquascape AquaBasin® is the ideal water basin for a wide variety of decorative water features, including stone, brass, ceramic, and resin fountains. The basin is constructed of professional-grade, high-density polyethylene and backed by a lifetime warranty to ensure years of satisfaction
  4. Aquascape offers a complete range of aquatic services. From construction of ornamental ponds to specialist high tech Koi systems. Streams, cascades and water features are all available. Indoor aquaria from fancy goldfish displays, freshwater tropical biotopes intensely sophisticated tropical marine systems. Whether you are a domestic or.
  5. Blackwater UK is the go to place for all your blackwater, biotope and botanical aquascape based needs for your aquarium, paludarium and vivarium in the UK
  6. Fluval Spec Aquarium 19l Black Amazon Co Uk Pet Supplies. Ellie Bo Rock Formation Handpainted Polyresin Aquarium. Stainless Steel Aquarium Aquascaping Kit Aquarium Tank Aquatic Plant Tools Sets Tweezers Scissor Spatula 5 Tools. Miki Co Aquarium Aquascaping Green Heart Shaped Leaves
  7. With over 35 years of experience, we've made it our mission to provide our clients with the best fish aquarium supplies they can find. Our factories are based in Poland, but we reach clients all around the world, offering some of the best aquarium supplies for sale in the UK, US, and beyond

About Us. Elevate Ponds & Water Features are Yorkshire specialists for everything pond and water-feature related. We offer the full range of pond services from design & construction of new ponds to maintenance, repairs, filtration and rejuvenation Dennerle Nano Cube 60L Aquarium. Dennerle Nano Cube 60L - Shrimp Tank. £ 74.99. Add to cart More. In Stock. £ 149.99 In Stock. Superfish Start 100 Tropical Tank Set White. 105L Complete Set with Heater, LED Light, Filter & Accessories. £ 149.99

We are the agents for Aquascape Inc in the UK and Europe. Supplying and Installing professional pond & garden water features. As the authorised Aquascape Inc retailer we supply and support people this side of the pond. Are you looking for a pond or pondless waterfall kit or one of our certified aquascape contractors Aquascape supplies can be found here! Whether you've got a nano tank or a large planted aquarium, we have the supplies for your aquascaping needs! Aquascape Stones. CO2 Diffusers. CO2 Regulators. CO2 Systems. Filter Pipes. Hardscape Wood. Layout Material R&R ceramic rock aquascapes give new and established reef tanks a more rewarding display than 'just a pile of rocks'. Made in Lancashire, UK

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Pond Supplies from All Pond Solutions For the construction and maintenance of ponds of all sizes, here at All Pond Solutions we have everything you need in our fantastic selection of pond supplies. Whether you are looking for a new pump, filter or steriliser to keep your ponds clean, or even equipment including lights and fish nets, you can find what you need with us Supplies for Ponds, Lakes and Water Features. Expert advice and great price. We now offer the complete line of Easy Pro Pond Products at the lowest prices online! We specialize in Aquascape Pond Supplies Aquascape pumps, parts, pond kits, pond lights and water treatments 20% below MSRP Aquascape News. Shop Pond Products. New Products in 2021. Pond, Waterfall and Fountain Kits. Pond Kits. Pondless Waterfall Kits. Outdoor Fountain Kits. Pond and Waterfall Filters. Pond Skimmers Aquascaping Supply. May 12 at 10:20 AM ·. 20% OFF Plants Promotion starts today!! Two orders will be arriving later this week. One Thursday and one on Friday. After inspecting the orders, we'll release the new in stock list. Anubias, Ferns, Crypts, Moss, Stem Plants, Grasses, Lilies and Lotuses. Tissue Cultures and Bucephalandra also. We carry everything from replacement pump parts, to water clarifiers, to even fish food. As always, we try to keep our prices as low as possible so we can be your one-stop shop pond store. If you need help finding a particular product or are unsure of what you are looking for, please contact us at 877-780-1174

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The best aquatic shop in London, if not the UK. Have never ever had a bad experience here. I always turn up late and they stay open for me, never complaining and always help me out. They sometimes have some superb bargains on Cichlids as well and, they look after their customers too. The only place I buy my fish/supplies from Aquascaping Decor If you're looking for a great range of aquarium rocks then you've arrived in the right place. We have the most extensive range on the web and with our selection we will be able to fulfil your needs with the most sought after rocks on the market Aquarium keeping is a hugely rewarding hobby and a fish tank is always a stunning addition to your home. Whether you are an experienced fish tank keeper or a budding aquarist there is a vast amount of choice in the kind of equipment and supplies you can choose Aquatics & Marine Supplies | Warehouse Aquatics. UK's Price Promise. Spend £49 and get FREE Mainland Delivery. Exclusions apply. Earn Bubble Points, Save Money - Click Here. Home >. Aquatics & Marine Fresh and Saltwater Fish Livestock - Aquarium and Fish Tank Specialists. Order yours today! Recreate a natural biotope in your aquarium. with Aquaroche ceramic rocks. BLUETOOTH LED RANGE

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  1. About All pond solutions. Established in 2006 All Pond Solutions Ltd is an online retail store that strives to be the only place on the internet that you need for all of your Aquarium and Pond equipment and now livestock. We provide quality fish, plants and products well packaged, quick and efficient delivery with great customer service
  2. Your Fish Stuff: Aquascaping, Live Aquarium Plants, Bulk Fish Food, Aquarium Supplies. Newsletter. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more.
  3. In Aquascaping: A Step-by-Step Guide to Planting, Styling, and Maintaining Beautiful Underwater Aquariums, planted aquarium expert George Farmer teaches how to create the perfect aquascape. Included in this book are full-color photographs that will supply readers with: Step-by-step instructions on setting up your tank
  4. Ready-to-go kits and tanks with amazing prices. ON SALE. Aquario Neo CO2 Bundle. $30.99 $33.99. ON SALE. UNS Black Plasma Premium Aquascaping Tool Set. $161.96 $179.96. Dragon Wood. From $9.99
  5. g supplies, All Pet Solutions is a leading UK online shop for dogs
  6. g back. We stock thousands of aquarium products such as protein.

Store Information. Pro Shrimp, Unit 3 Block 21 Old Mill Lane Ind. Estate Mansfield Woodhouse NG19 9BG; Call us now: 0800 3579 844 Email: sales@pro-shrimp.com sales@pro-shrimp.co Modern trends such as aquascaping and nano aquariums are contributing to an increased interest in new aquarium plants. Not all aquarium plants are regularly available on the market as many are rarities. In our shop we have a large assortment of aquarium plants, including some true rarities Home - United Kingdom - Easy-Life. Since 1998, Easy Life International B.V. has produced aquarium and pond products under the brand name Easy-Life. We distinguish ourselves in the market by the fact that our university-educated specialists have years of experience in keeping aquariums and, as a result, combine their practical experience and. Top producer of quality aquariums, gadgets, and accessories in the USA - provide aquariums, filters, heaters, lighting, accessories, ready sets, etc ⬤ Click now and find out more Live Aquarium Plants & Supplies. At Modern Aquarium, we're proud to bring you an unrivaled selection of aquarium plants, fish care products, and aquarium maintenance equipment. With our premium products and your unique design ideas, we can collaborate to create beautiful, healthy aquariums teeming with color and life

discount aquarium supplies uk 562 followers discountaquariumsuppliesuk ( 23139 discountaquariumsuppliesuk's Feedback score is 23139 ) 99.8% discountaquariumsuppliesuk has 99.8% Positive Feedback Please add me to your list of favourite sellers and come again Dennerle Nano Aquascaping - Set ( ) from Care Supplies & Accessories range for your pets Buy by cheap price now. Free delivery from 99.00 GBP Minimum order value 15.00 GB E-Marco-400 Aquascaping Mortar Complete Kit. Kit comes complete with mortar powder, liquid with an acrylic polymer (to keep the joint from getting brittle in water), instructions, mixing spatula and a bucket to do the mix in. If you do not need the entire batch, simply rinse the bucket and put the rest back, put the lid on and store in a cool. So we've put together 10 helpful aquascaping tips that will guide beginners and make their entry into the aquascaping world a little smoother. 1. Get to Know Your Aquatic Plants and Fish. There are more than 200 discovered aquatic plants today. You don't have to study all of them but just a few

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  1. Feb 2, 2017 - Nature aquarium plants & product supplies, planted tank articles, videos & tutorials. Learn to aquascape with us. James Findley's aquascaping company
  2. ReeFlowers UK. Reeflowers Aquascaping Contest is with Herry Rasio. He is designing aquascapes since 2013. He loves nature and going to see nature on his motorcross bike. He tries to represent the nature in an aquarium tank. He also likes Bonsai
  3. Shop now and take advantage of the BUY 2 GET 1 FREE deal. Nothing enhances a tank like Manzanita Driftwood or Stone
  4. Find a premium selection of brand name aquarium supplies for your reef, marine (saltwater), or freshwater aquarium at LiveAquaria®. Our curated selection of essential equipment and supplies streamlines product selection offering you the best options available in the market to ensure your success
  5. Aquarium Supplies up to 60% off everyday & Free Shipping over $75. Tanks, Filters, Lighting, Food & More at That Fish Place
  6. Aquascaping involves using basic principles of design and applying them to the aquarium. Browsing other aquascapes can help you decide what style and layout you enjoy the most. To aid in your designing process this page is filled with some stunning examples of aquascaping
  7. Natur erleben - Dennerle GmbH blickt auf 40 Jahre Erfahrung zurück und bietet Produkte für die Aquaristik und den Gartenteich, die mehr können, als nur Symptome zu bekämpfen
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Aquascaping Rocks. Home › Aquascaping Rocks. Let us ROCK your world! We carry a huge selection of aquarium safe rocks and stones. We have plenty of different varieties such as Seiryu, Dragon Stone, Elephant Skin Stone, Lava Rock and much more. No matter what type of texture, color, or size aquarium rocks you're looking for, we've got you covered Southampton Hobbycraft Store - Gaters Hill, Mansbridge Road, West End, Southampton, SO18 3HW | 03300 26102

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  1. Step 1. Drill a hole in the lid smaller than the diameter of the tubing, but large enough so you think you'll be able to squeeze it through. I use a smaller drill bit and then widen the hole with a pair of aquarium tweezers. Remember you can only make the hole larger, so don't get overzealous. Step 2. Cut the end of the tubing on a diagonal and.
  2. Aquatic Fanatics Aquascaping offers Aquarium and Pond Supplies. Located in the CM23 area of Bishops Stortford, Aquatic Fanatics Aquascaping is listed in the Aquarium and Pond Supplies section of Bizwiki along with other similar companies in Hertfordshire
  3. Easy AQUARIUM PLANTS Malaysian Drift Wood Aquascaping Aquarium Decoration Buy2 Get1 Free. $13.79+. Loading. In stock. Custom. Select an option Medium 8-10 Inches Long ($25.79) Small 6-8 Inches Long ($13.79) Large 10-12 Inches Long ($29.79) Please select an option. Quantity
  4. LiveAquaria is the largest online shop for all of your fish needs. From sustainably raised freshwater and saltwater fish, plants, invertebrates, corals, and reef rock to premium aquarium supplies, food, and equipment. Shop today and get free shipping on qualifying orders
  5. Up for sale is this 120 litres aquarium. Aquarium size: L60cm W41cm H56cm. Also the bottom trim of the cabinet has been painted gloss white to match the cabinet. The top has been opened so it is more easy to aquascape and the clean look
  6. Mar 30, 2017 - One of the world's best online resources for planted aquariums and aquascaping information, we promote all aspects of the aquarium plant hobby, fish..
  7. g brittle in saltwater. The cement, once mixed will turn into a paste-like consistency that you can then use to.

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Feb 3, 2016 - #113: 80L Aquatic Garden An Oriental seaside, by park hyon woo goyang, South Korea, is an aquascape from AGA 2012 Aquascaping Contest Aquarium Co-Op has a retail fish store in Washington and an online store for live plants & aquarium supplies. Find out the best way to contact us for help Visit Store: blowy_fish88. Items On Sale. Planting direction: 1) Spread the seeds evenly on the substrate.Does not require to cover the seed with substrate. 2) Gently wet the substrate after sowing the seeds.Avoid pouring water directly on to the soil where the seeds is. 3) Add water daily to keep the temperature in the fish tank at around 28c

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Animals And Pet Supplies. Fish Supplies. Saltwater Tan Driftwood Set #153 for Aquarium Aquascaping Reptile Terrarium. $13.99. + shipping. + shipping + shipping. Seller 99.7% positive. Seller 99.7% positive Seller 99.7% positive. Report item. - opens in a new window or tab. Description All natural stone. The texture and endless details in these stones allow you to easily create a natural looking aquascape. Seiryu may slightly raise pH and water hardness if untreated (washed only), but all of our Black Seiryu Stone has been treated. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Shipping and handling Best Sellers in Aquarium Cleaners. Best Sellers in. Aquarium Cleaners. #1. Aquarium Fish Net, Mesh Wire Net Safe for All Fish (4 Inches) $1.00 - $15.38. #2. Luigi's Aquarium/Fish Tank Siphon and Gravel Cleaner - A Hand Syphon Pump to Drain and Replace Your Water in Minutes! 4.3 out of 5 stars Aquascaping: A Step-by-Step Guide to Planting, Styling, and Maintaining Beautiful Aquariums - Kindle edition by Farmer, George. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Aquascaping: A Step-by-Step Guide to Planting, Styling, and Maintaining Beautiful Aquariums

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  1. Find The Highest Quality Of Rare Aquatic Plants, Tanks And More. Shop Now
  2. UK Mainland phone 0844 357 0799 working days/hours Monday/Tuesday Closed Wednesday 12pm to 5.30pm Thursday/Friday 10am to 5.30pm Saturday 10am to 5pm Sunday 10am to 4p
  3. With over 1,500 bespoke aquarium installations under our supervision and an exclusive client list, we are the UK's leading specialists in custom built aquarium design and installation. You will see our work in landmark buildings, stores, restaurants, offices, museums, exhibitions, TV, stylish homes and gardens in the UK and International designs in North America and the Middle East
  4. Barlow's Aquatic Trading has been importing tropical fish for over 25 years which gives us the experience to source quality fish and correctly quarantine them, so you the customer get the best available fish at superb prices as we very rarely use wholesalers... thus no middle man
  5. g pools. They consume up to 60% less power than than the previous-generation PFN pumps of..
  6. Aquarium and Pond Supplies in Devon | Blue Touch Aquatics. Buy 2 for £20 or 3 for £30. New Buy Now Pay Later. 20% ofF pond meds with code 'treatments'. We donate 1% of every website sale to the Marine Conservation Society. 2/4
  7. SR Aquaristik is the #1 online aquatic supply store for Aquarium Rocks and Wood, including Black Lava Rocks, Dragon Stones, Seiryu Stones, Black Spider Wood, etc

Over the decade NatureCube has been the provider of best in the world technologies, supplies and consultancy for aquarium and terrarium for both professionals and hobbyists. Backed by a strong international supply chain, years on hands-on experience and driven by passions of dedicated aquarium hobbyists we not only Pond. Here at Shirley Aquatics we've got a wide range of pond supplies. We have thousands of products including pond filters and pumps, treatments, preformed ponds, water features and much more from a variety of brands including Oase, Laguna, Evolution Aqua and Hozelock. We also have a large selection of koi and coldwater fish for sale as well as pond plants and lilies Since 2006 Clear Plastic Supplies has grown to become one of the largest UK stockists of extruded acrylic tube and rod. Supplying cast and extruded Clear Acrylic Tube, Acryl-Satine Tube, Polycarbonate Tube, Clear Acrylic Rod, Bubble Acrylic Rod and Plastic Profile... We offer the highest quality Acrylic products

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Whether you have a dog, cat, or other furry friend, All Pet Solutions proudly stocks a wide range of pet supplies, food and accessories from top brands at unbeatable prices. Fast & Free UK Delivery Shop our selection of aquarium ornaments from skulls to ornate wooden bridges to decorate your fish tank with at The Range Aquascaping For Beginners; Twenty Tips for Realistic Aquaria . By Neale Monks : Aquascaping is one of the dark arts of fishkeeping. Very few books talk about the subject at all, and what information is published is based around the 'Nature Aquarium' theme popularised by Japanese aquarist Takashi Amano Aquascaping is the unique procedure of arranging plants and other features of a planted aquarium to make it artistically attractive.. An aquarium that is properly aquascaped, highlighting a contrast of various kinds of aquatic inhabitants and plant species can be an ideal design element in your home Swell UK is an industry leading supplier of pond supplies and equipment. We specialise in all aspects of water gardening and offer thousands of quality garden pond supplies including pond pumps, pond filters, pond liners, pond lighting, fish food and water features.. We offer you a range of options from pond liners to preformed ponds to feature ponds

Welcome to AQUATOR. A family friendly, exotic pet shop located in Torquay. Stocking a wide and varied selection of exotic fish, reptiles and birds. Well known for over 20 years providing healthy, quality live stock. We specialise in tropical, marine and cold water fish, a large choice of reptiles and now small birds Backyard design ideas she Terrarium Supplies. Build your very own portable paradise with our great range of terrarium making supplies. With glass containers, pebbles, moss and even a selection of succulents, create your very own mini indoor garden. Sort by: Relevance Price: Lowest first Price: Highest first Highest Rated Similar Products Together Freshwater aquarium plants-Highly recommended, Fresh From Florida, 20 years in busines

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Aquascaping often uses rocks or stones as the focal point of the aquarium. There are numerous different types that can be used, and they can vary in price. The type of style you choose will depend on how you will layout rocks and stones within the aquarium. Iwagumi style mainly uses rocks as the only hardscape within the tank Discount Pet Supplies & Fish Supplies up to 60% off every day at That Fish Place - That Pet Place Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser

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Free delivery and returns on eligible orders, Buy Reelva Stainless Steel Aquarium Aquascaping Kit Aquarium Tank Aquatic Plant Tools Sets Tweezers Scissor Spatula - 5 Tools at UK,on all orders free shipping,Free shipping on all orders,We offer free shipping on all orders of $15 or more Use the following PDF for instructions on how to submit your order for pick up. During weekdays please submit your order before 4 pm. if you wish to pick it up the same day. On Saturdays orders have to be received prior 1 pm. On Sunday, we only process orders from 1 to 4 pm. We wish you all good health and be safe during this challenging time When you're creating an aquarium, the possibilities are limitless. Everything from bare-bottom tanks to densely planted Dutch tanks are perfectly valid styles.. However, you'll probably create a much more appealing result if you're following a particular aquascaping style.. Here are the most common styles you'll see in aquariums, and some examples of each

GracesDawn Aquarium Fish Tank Pine Bark Stone Shapefar too small - overstocked - too many goldfish | HexagonJuncus repens – Your Fish StuffLobelia cardinalis «Mini | Aquatic plants, Freshwater

Home - Current USA. ORBIT R24 REEF LED. Get a FREE Orbit Flex Arm Tank Mount with any Orbit R24 LED until May 31, 2021. SHOP NOW. SIMPLY BRILLIANT. Limited Time Only - FREE WAVE PUMP INCLUDED! SHOP NOW Shrimp in an community tank. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates. Hi all, i am new to this forum and i wanted a educated opinion on something. I have a 25 gallon tank, with one angel fish, 3 rummy nose, 3 neon tetra, 3 black widow tetra, 3 glowlight tetra and a few bottom dwellers. I am thinking of adding shrimp to the tank

Guinea pigs are cute and cuddly pets, and can be perfect for younger children. Make sure your Guinea pig has all it needs with the great range of products from Pets at Home. Browse Categories: Hutches, Cages & Runs. Hutch Covers & Cage Stands. Food & Feeding Hay. Treats Freshwater Aquarium Aquascaping Supplies Articles & Shopping. A guide to aquascaping the planted aquarium aquariuminfo.org Aquascaping is a learned art form that allows you to create an underwater landscape, inspiration for many works come from both underwater... Aquarium plant freshwatershrimp.co.uk Fish Supplies • Freshwater Beautiful Aquascaping Designs In Aquarium White Sand Beach With Trees And Stone Decoration In Black And Green Color Combination. ImageFind images and videos about furniture, black sand and low budget on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love

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01.11.2014 - Alles zum Thema Aquascaping - Wissenswertes und Hintergrundinformationen über Aquascaping und Naturaquarien Buy miuse Aquarium Scissor Tweezers Spatula Tool - 4 in 1 Stainless Steel Aquatic Plants Aquascaping Tools Set for Fish Starter Kits & Aquariums Tank at UK,Free delivery and returns on eligible orders,Shop the latest trends,Promotional discounts,Best prices,A fun and fashionable brand,We offer the best pricing and free shipping Buy Thud Rumble ButterRug Slipmats Red Twilight Zone Swirl Design Butter Rug Pair: Slipmats - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases,Lightning fast delivery,Best Quality,Latest arrivals, limited discounts 4 x Live Plants for aquascaping, mosses, Fern, Tropical Aquatic Plants in Ceramic Weights (Moss Balls): Pet Supplies. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy 4 x Live Plants for aquascaping, mosses, Fern, Tropical Aquatic Plants in Ceramic Weights (Moss Balls) at UK.. Green, red and pink plants Sometimes delicate fish and aquarium plants require a more gentle water flow.Fluval C4 Power Filter equipped with Fluval's patented re-filtration system which allows you to control the flow rate without compromising filtration efficiency. The Fluval C4 Power Filter is designed to provide maximum surface area and optimum dwell times in all stages of the filtration process

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