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The correct method of scheduling a regular reboot would be using a cron task, but perhaps the server is crashing in such a dramatic manner that cron, or shutdown, or init stops working. The comic title alludes to this, in that a hard reboot scheduled with an analog timer is more guaranteed to work than a soft one scheduled with cron The operation can be triggered by refresh buttons in browsers, though it also can be requested using the common keyboard commands as listed by Randall. Many pages -- like the main page at xkcd.com -- don't have a refresh button. If the page has been opened before a new comic release, pressing F5 afterwards causes reload and the new comic is shown In the comic, the sign says 38 days since the last time someone reset this sign. The term 'reset' is the crux, because while computer-minded people tend to interpret it as 'reboot' or 'set to zero', it also means re-set (with the meaning 'set again'). See definition. We will call: reset ~ set to zero --> meaning 1 re-set ~ set again --> meaning

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It's called crontab. Adding the line: 0 4 */2,*/3 * */2 shutdown -r now. Would create the rather useless but amusing event that restarts immediately at 4 AM, provided the current day of the month is either a multiple of 2 or 3, and that it's either Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday There is a company in UK that has XKCD/806 comppliance: http://revk.www.me.uk/2010/10/xkcd806-compliance.html 18:33, 7 November 2013 (UTC) The ravk link is broken. It can now be found at https://www.revk.uk/2010/10/xkcd806-compliance.html XKCD's productivity tip: reboot your computer every time you get bored. Cory Doctorow 8:18 am Sat Feb 19, 2011. In the punchline of the most recent XKCD, creator Randall Munroe says that he avoids. xkcd sucks reboot Nobody loves me but my mother, and she might be jivin' too. Friday, 15 April 2011. Comic 886: References Alt-text: $1600 / 1386153BR 3BATH, MODERN SLIDING DOORS, GUEST ROOMS, GARBAGE DISPOSAL. FREE MANDATORY PARKING (ENFORCED). CONVENIENT TO ALDERAAN

xkcd sucks reboot Nobody loves me but my mother, and she might be jivin' too. Saturday, 28 May 2011. xkcd Forums Bingo: week 0. Hey all, Jon Levi posting here for the first time. Now that I've taken over the bingo slot there will be a few changes xkcd sucks reboot Nobody loves me but my mother, and she might be jivin' too. Monday, 13 June 2011. Comic 911: Wikipedia again Alt-text: At my OLD school, we used Microsoft Encarta 2005 XKCD: The Hard reboot solution to swap space filling up. Close. 453. Posted by. 6 years ago. Archived. xkcd sucks reboot Nobody loves me but my mother, and she might be jivin' too. Wednesday, 1 June 2011. Comic 906: Wikipedia Alt-text: When advertisers figure this out, our only weapon will be blue sharpies and [disputed]. And again with the Wikipedia

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Well it has felt that a lot of things essentially ground to a halt & stopped in March 2020. I'm reminded of an xkcd comic that explains how it has seemed to feel since the pandemic affected the world. There's another xkcd comic has a sentiment I also think people will be able to relate with after getting fully vaccinated. I was thrilled when I finally got started with the vaccination process. From xkcd.com: from Facebook via IFTT 486 votes, 149 comments. 141k members in the xkcd community. /r/xkcd is the subreddit for the popular webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe. Come to Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 Internationa Comic of stereotypical SF headlines goes viral. SFGate - Dan Gentile • 1d. The webcomic xkcd by cartoonist Randall Munroe has been an internet staple since it launched in 2005 and is now so ingrained in the DNA of the internet that it's become excellent meme-fodder

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A staggering 200,000 COVID-19 papers have already been published, of which just a tiny proportion will ever be read or put into practice. To be fair, it's hard to know in advance which data will prove most useful during an unprecedented health crisis. But pandemic publishing has only served to exacerbate some well-established bad habits, Michael Johansen, a family-medicine physician and. Note that I'm not actually recommending that you do this, but there's something to be said about clearing your paging file from time to time with a reboot. Tags xkcd humour Search for

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  1. Okay, that was weird, but the product reveal was normal. I think the danger is pas-- One more thing. Oh no. |< <? > >
  2. Sethos II's GitHub.io site. SethosII; Sethos II's GitHub.io sit
  3. Right. So. The point of all of this is that about a month ago there was a reboot of OMNI as a web publication. You can read it here [1]. And, folks, let me tell you. It is freaking awesome! I've been loving it. It sits in my RSS reader and sends me goodness about once a day
  4. Dendron Vault of XKCD Comics. Dendron Vault of XKCD Comics. Dendron - XKCD with using Dendron . Root; XKCD; XKCD. Solar System Cartogram. 3/19 /2021 . Siri. 3/17 Hard Reboot. 3/6/2015 . Insurance. 3/4/2015 . Meeting. 3/2/2015 . Dress Color. 2/27/2015 . Stories of the Past and Future. 2/25/2015 . Atoms. 2/23/2015.
  5. Due to the playful nature of OTTers, OTC-related games have become a popular pastime within the Time fandom and even beyond. 1 Games Created by OTTers 2 In-Thread Games 3 Outside Puzzles 4 OTTer-made Puzzles Some forum users have created and played games that are OTC-related and/or have found some popularity among fellow OTTers. Sandcastle Builder Monomolpy Timeventure! (discontinued) Catapult.
  6. thepoke.co.uk - Cartoonist Randall Munroe is the engineer and all-round genius behind the amazing web comic, xkcd. Through his bafflingly expressive stick figures,
  7. Posts about xkcd written by jackolas. So it sorta works. Some time if I turn on the wrong settings it'll decide to cap my connection though

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  1. Posts about XKCD written by litbeetle. 1. Welcome to the chooseable-path review of Ryan North's new chooseable-path adventure, To Be or Not To Be, which hilariously takes one of William Shakespeare's greatest tragedies and recreates it as a humorous, illustrated, maybe-but-maybe-not tragedy!North joins with dozens of the internet's best/most popular Web comic artists to gamify Hamlet.
  2. Mar 6, 2015 - Googling inevitably reveals that my problem is caused by a known bug triggered by doing [the exact combination of things I want to do]. I can fix it, or wait a few years until I don't want that combination of things anymore, using the kitchen timer until then
  3. [XKCD Comic 303] Clouds are Elastic •NIST Definition of Cloud Computing Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, -Reboot Server •Flavors (hardware config)-List Flavors-Get Flavor Details •Images - List Images - Create Image/Snapshot - Get Image Details - Delete Imag

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  1. Posts about xkcd written by Wes Pipoly. This fun fact isn't about the practice of painting/hiding actual/plastic eggs during Easter
  2. The problem is that sometimes the commercial will prise the product, and at some other times it will say that it sucks
  3. Brito. Platinum Member.script developer 10583 posts Location: boot.wim Interests: I'm just a quiet simple person with a very quiet simple life living one day at a time.. European Unio
  4. Abrupt shutdown after booting WinPE - posted in Windows PE: On a few computers Ive worked on, there has been an immediate shutdown of WinPE on the blackscreen that occurs between the spinning circle disappearing and the desktop appearing. Does anyone know what could cause this? All my image has injected is network drivers. Its based on stock WinRE extracted from Windows 10 build 10586

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. This means you're free to copy and share these comics (but not to sell them). More details. I will keep my MS and Linux boxes around together though, need them both. Impaled's Uptime is at 45 days now. Single reboot since its installation. Ok, SP2 installation seems done. Let's see what happen I may try either the reboot or hibernate trick on windows, although it's a bit of a problem if I'm in the middle of writing/working on a document. Without RTFAing, I'm totally willing to believe I'm in some kind of mild addiction to stupid web crap, in that I can semi-consciously feel the dopamine drop whenever I'm not re-stimulated quickly enough

Written by Robyn Leave a comment Posted in Fun Tagged with xkcd March 12, 2015 Hard Reboot via xkcd. Written by Robyn Leave a comment Posted in Fun Tagged with xkcd November 12, 2014 i had that dream again via xkcd. Written by Robyn Leave a comment Posted in Fun Tagged with xkcd November 10, 201 Reboot Of E3 The most significant changes in the past year were to the E3 form factors. Earlier this month version 2.0 of the E3 form factor spec was published, breaking backwards compatibility. This strikes me as a discipline highly in need of a reboot and I think a library of economics concepts as explained in Up Goer Five language is the place to start. Sure it will be hard but my challenge would be if you are a practitioner and can't sit down and hammer out an acceptable Up Goer Five version of a concept, do you really understand that concept XKCD, which labels itself a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language, posted in a brief note that portions of its PHPBB user table from its forums showed up in a leaked data collection

vi (et al...) Jerry Callen https://www.blogger.com/profile/14085105647997892530 noreply@blogger.com tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-5085851992050522182.post. Heres the next step in the evolution of Hollywoods never-ending circle of creative recycling: Batman is getting a reboot. Theyre already planning to start the whole franchise over, even though the next installment in the current incarnation, The Dark Knight Rises, is still filming In the first episode of ReBoot, the number 42 can be seen on the deck. 35. In the Marvel Universe, Number 42 is a special prison designed by Reed Richards, Hank Pym and Tony Stark ReBoot. I used to write a blog on my old University of Warwick site, and one on MSN live spaces. This seems a bit more flexible, here's hoping I can catch some of the old magic. Posted by kunal at 02:27. No comments: Post a comment. Newer Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Labels. 100pages (1) anomalies (3

May 10, 2019 - Explore Binh Phan's board xkcd on Pinterest. See more ideas about humor, science jokes, science humor Hejsan! Installerade windows 10 på en Samsung 7-series laptop. Komi grund och botten med w7 och har fungerat prima med detta, men efter installationen av w10 tar det flera minuter att starta upp datorn

Talend services are usually started automatically upon reboot, if that option was selected at installation time, or if the configuration files were created/deployed at or after installation. Typically, the startup/shutdown scripts are located in one of the following directories: * /etc/init.d * /etc/system xkcd password generator. Generate secure multiword passwords/passphrases, inspired by XKCD. Details for xkcdpass License MIT Last updated 17 May 2017. You then need to either reboot, logout/ or source /etc/profile to have /snap/bin added to PATH. Additionally,.

I showed XKCD to my partner/girlfriend/cat and they did not find it funny.። 12 ጊዜ የተወደደ። ማኅበረሰ Actually, why not use the appropriate accesskeys which the author has given us: n for next and p for previous. If you're not sure how to use accesskeys, Wikipedia has some information for you...

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The 2000 can be regarded as an upgraded 250F, the 8000 an upgraded 950F.The 2000 can have one to two PowerBricks; the 8000 one to eight. The CPUs in the brick engines move along the Intel product progression curve, from the 250F/950F's Broadwells to Xeon E5 26xx v4s This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. xkcd, Devotion To Duty More Login. xkcd, Devotion To Dut

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Christos Tziotzis finns på Facebook Gå med i Facebook för att komma i kontakt med Christos Tziotzis och andra som du känner. Med Facebook kan du dela.. Note: Just looking for the word lists? Click here for EFF's long word list (for use with five dice) [.txt], Click here for EFF's general short word list (for use with four dice) [.txt], and Click here for EFF's short word list (with words that have unique three-character prefixes) [.txt]. Randomly-generated passphrases offer a major security upgrade over user-chosen passwords Jan 29, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Jonathan Franzone. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres I have an SSL certificate that I am using to secure port 443 (HTTPS) on my nginx server running on Ubuntu for about 10 months now. When I bought the cert, I got it for one year, so I have about 2.

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Try Brilliant's Computational Biology course: https://www.brilliant.org/primerSupport Primer on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/primerlearningCheck out 3Blu.. I'm the xkcd of psychology, apparently. As a bonus, and since people think so highly of me, I am releasing this highly detailed caricature of myself with my unmistakable tagline Which you can never use because I'm officially dibs'ing it, patent pending Connected scales are all the rage these days. And for good reason - they make it easy to log your weight. More importantly though, they make it hard to pretend nothing happened. So as you rolled out of bed thi 2015-feb-17 - G-G the book - G-G on Facebook - G-G on Twitter. När det finns automatiska resultat använder du upp- och nerpilarna för att granska och enter för att välja Origins. The term Guru Meditation Error originated as an in-house joke in Amiga's early days. The company had a product called the Joyboard, a game controller much like a joystick but operated by the feet, similar to the Wii Balance Board.Early in the development of the Amiga computer operating system, the company's developers became so frustrated with the system's frequent crashes that, as.

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Reboot Your Dreamliner Every 248 Days To Avoid Integer Overflow Written by Mike James Saturday, 02 May 2015 You may More cartoon fun at xkcd a webcomic of romance,sarcasm, math, and language . It is estimated that the Airbus A380, comparable in complexity to the Dreamliner,. ←Favourite video How to Pass Snacks to the Rear Seat of a Fighter Jet by CKD0003 → Sayings As Mathematical Equation Randall Munroe is one of the many people who I will say is 100x smarter than I am and whilst I would love to post every xkcd, this one in.

xkcd sucks [a] vitriolic and bitter collection of unwarranted nastiness about a silly and harmless comic. Tuesday, March 29, 2011. Comic 879: OMG I JIZZED [ugh. here's your fucking guest post -Ed.] Hello, this is Ravenzomg of Ravenzomg fame 'Saga,' 'xkcd' among 2014 Hugo Awards finalists. By Kevin Melrose Published Apr 19, 2014. Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment. The finalists were announced today for the 2014 Hugo Awards, which recognize the best in science fiction and fantasy Too bad xkcd doesn't have a crappy app we could make fun of. That guy thought of everything! P.S. As always, don't forget to hover. Source: xkcd or mobil

Spark: Intel patches cause reboot problems in old chips1394 - Superschopnosti - xkcz

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xkcd - Cemetary VIA. Posted by whoismistere at 11:06 AM. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Blog Archive 2010 (142) June (1) May (48) This is weird but cool; I would watch this show; What he heard/What she said Carcinization is an example of convergent evolution involving a crustacean eventually evolving into a crab. The term garnered popular discussion over the internet, garnering many parodies of the evolution's process of turning animals into crabs

XKCD's productivity tip: reboot your computer every time

PiMIGA 1.3 is available as a torrent, so download it with your favourite torrent client.The password on the archive is still pimiga but I haven't tested it yet, it's still downloading. This Reddit thread has more info and a useful comment linking to PiShrink that will reduce the size of the image from 32GB to 20GB. I am very excited about trying this on my Raspberry Pi 400 Well, Ctrl+Alt+Del is used to reboot the machine. Ctrl + Alt + Backspace is magical to the X server . It goes on explaining how to create a custom SAK handler, but the main takeaway is that the implementation differs greatly from what can be found in Windows as SAS , and that they might not be implemented at the kernel level, depending on what whether sysrq support was enabled for the build XKCD Agrees. I'm tired. It's been a long week. I've decided that microwave-made nachos = dinner. At 10:30pm. While I watch Colbert. It's that kind of day. This week has been dominated by stupid shit anyway, like the whole Abercrombie brouhaha with The Situation, the straw poll in Iowa and pretty much everything Rick Perry Reboot is done, please let me know if you encounter anything suspicious. Best regards — Dago -- You don't become great by trying to be great, you become great by wanting to do something, and then doing it so hard that you become great in the process. - xkcd #896 signature.asc Description: Message signed with OpenPGP using GPGMai Just because the comic titled Time may have reached its final panel doesn't mean that xkcd itself is ending any time soon. We'll see on Monday whether there's a #1244

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XKCD is awesome today 59 posts • Previous; 1; 2; Hoos. Moderator et Subscriptor. Tribus: Hoos' posting is like Hoos' love: hard and fast. Registered: Aug 30, 2007. Posts. xkcd on blogging VIA. Posted by whoismistere at 5:57 PM. Labels: comic strips, xkcd. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Blog Archive 2010 (142) June (1) May (48) This is weird but cool; I would watch this show Comments Filter: All; Insightful; Informative; Interesting; Funny; The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. We are not responsible for them in any way

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With Virtual Machines, Getting Hacked Doesn't Have to Be That Bad How to put a fake computer inside your real computer, protecting yourself from sketchy attachments, websites, and software 'The Matrix' Reboot: It's Finally Happened. Hollywood Has Run Out of All the Ideas More Login 'The Matrix' Reboot: It's Finally Happened. Hollywood Has Run Out of All the Ideas. Archived Discussion Load 500 More Comments. Full Abbreviated Hidden /Sea. Score: 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. 0-1. More Login . Nickname: Password: Public Terminal modified kernel, reboot the computer (whose kernel you just modified and installed) •How do you know that your system call is there? Call it!—You should be able to do so using the same pattern shown in the system call sample code •Remember that printk does not go to standard output— monitor the system log file to see it wor

Well, kill-ing with SIGCHLD the zombie parents is more efficient and elegant, usually. The first rule of kill -9 is that you should not use kill -9 in the first place xkcd: Writing Skills. Deep idea in this. Hover your mouse over the picture to get the author's comments Having just spent 17 hours bringing a server back online after a third party team blew up a data center move I am greatly amused. Note to data center migration teams teams when moving large production databases, copy, don't cut!!!! I'd also be lying if I said I didn't have some pangs of nostalgia for that old internet. Browsing websites that weren't in a constant state of flux, listening to the Postal Service, reading xkcd (which hasn't changed thankfully), and interacting in numerous custom built forums—each with their own distinctive flavour xkcd: Typical Morning Routine. This is me. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in After my computer was unresponsive for a solid 20 minutes I killed the power, rebooted, and tried again (without disabling anti-virus first, to see if it was a fluke that it froze for so long). Explorer froze again. 10 minutes later I did another hard shutdown, reboot, disabled anti-virus, and ran it -- worked immediately

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